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See For Yourself: Analyzing the Ebal "Inscription"

In this video, Bible & Archaeology Editor, Dr. Bob Cargill, uses a simple digital technique to demonstrate that the drawings being produced and shared that claim there is an inscription present on the unprovenanced piece of lead discovered in the Mt. Ebal dump pile does not even match the scans the team produced.

EBAL Article Response

The So-Called Mt. Ebal "Inscription" Publication

The publication of the so-called Mt. Ebal "Inscription" has FINALLY occurred, and to absolutely no one's surprise, it's more of the same. After a brief methodological description of how the scans were made, we read the same old apologetic claims that do not hold water when held up to scrutiny that we've been hearing for over a year.

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Jesus's Triumphal Entry: A Well-Orchestrated Mock Coronation

Was Jesus's "Triumphal Entry" into Jerusalem the simple, humble donkey ride into the city that it is often portrayed to be? Or was it specifically designed to be much more: a pre-arranged, mock coronation ceremony orchestrated by Jesus to portray himself as the promised king of Israel in fulfillment of both royal and prophetic tradition?

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Old Syriac Fragment of the Gospel of Matthew Found

A 1750 year old witness to the Gospel of Matthew in Old Syriac was recently discovered by Dr. Grigory Kessel during a study of undertexts in materials held by the Vatican Library. Bible & Archaeology's managing editor, Jordan Jones, discusses what was found and what researchers think it could mean.


Is this REALLY Evidence of the Queen of Sheba?

Was the recent publication of a new interpretation of a 7-letter inscription on the rim of a piece of pottery evidence of the visit of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon mentioned in 1 Kings 10?

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