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painting of Noah's Ark

Why Noah’s Ark Will Never Be Found

National Geographic — Erin Blakemore, Nov. 23, 2022

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The JEOPARDY! Bible Clue Controversy Explained

Robert Cargill explains the controversy taking place during the recent JEOPARDY! Tournament of Champions involving a poorly-written Final Jeopardy! clue that changed the outcome of the match, denying victory to the contestant who actually got the correct 'question.'

What Happened to the Ark of the Covenant? by the Tower of Bible Podcast

Robert Cargill and Jordan Jones discuss the disappearance of the Ark of the Covenant and suggest a fate that often gets overlooked: that Hezekiah, King of Judah, destroyed it during his religious reforms.

There's Nothing There: Responding to Gershon Galil's Claim of a "Curse Inscription" from Jerusalem

Professor Cargill explains why recent claims of the discovery of a supposed "curse inscription" on a stone excavated in Jerusalem in 2010 is little more than a "fundamentalist Rorschach test."

The "Mt. Ebal Lead Curse Inscription" — Dr. Robert Cargill Explains Why Most Scholars are Skeptical

Robert Cargill, discusses the recent claims of an unprovenanced lead tablet being touted by its finders as a supposed ancient curse tablet discovered in an archaeological dump pile on Mt. Ebal in the West Bank/Israel.

Interview with Boaz Gross, Director of the Tel Bet Shemesh East Salvage Excavation in Israel

Robert Cargill interviews Boaz Gross, the Director of the Tel Bet Shemesh East Salvage Excavation in Israel, and the Vice President of the Israeli Institute of Archaeology.

Interview with Shua Kisilevitz, Director of the Tel Moza Excavation

Robert Cargill interviews Tel Aviv University's Shua Kisilevitz, Director of the excavations at Tel Moza in Israel.

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