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Dr. Andrew Mark Henry, Host of Religion for Breakfast, to Speak at the University of Iowa

Dr. Andrew Mark Henry, the host of YouTube's "Religion for Breakfast," will be speaking at the University of Iowa on Thursday, Nov. 16th, 2023 at 5:30pm. He will deliver a lecture entitled, "Religious Literacy and the Social Media Apocalypse: A Survival Guide." Don't miss this opportunity to hear Andrew Mark Henry in person on the campus of the University of Iowa.

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Did God Create Evil? | The Tower of Bible Podcast answers viewer questions and comments

The Tower of Bible Podcast (Dr. Bob Cargill and Jordan Jones) responds to a number of questions and comments from viewers, including:

--Why use BCE/CE instead of BC/AD?

--Is this an Old Earth Creation Channel? !!

--Does this channel have a confessional stance? --Why is Isaiah 45:7 translated differently in various translations?

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Prof. Seth Sanders Discusses the Invention of the Alphabet | Tower of Bible Podcast

UC Davis Professor of Religious Studies Dr. Seth Sanders discusses the invention of the alphabet and its importance for understanding the Bible in a wide-ranging interview with Bible & Archaeology Editor Dr. Bob Cargill.

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Women, Politics, Power, and Death in Ancient Egypt with Dr. Kara Cooney | Tower of Bible Podcast

In this interview, Dr. Kara Cooney, Professor of Egyptology at UCLA, joins Bible & Archaeology Editor Dr. Bob Cargill in a provocative conversation about women, power, politics, and death in ancient Egypt.

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4,000-Year-Old Canaanite Arch at Tel Shimron — An Interview with Daniel Master

Bible & Archaeology Managing Editor Jordan Jones interviews Dr. Daniel Master of Wheaton College about the discovery of a mud-brick arch at the excavations of Tel Shimron this summer.

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