Bible & Archaeology was founded in 2021 at the University of Iowa by professor Robert R. Cargill and former University President Bruce Harreld. It is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 nonsectarian, nondenominational, educational organization promoting biblical studies, archaeology, and the intersection of the two disciplines in the Mediterranean and Southwest Asia—the areas traditionally called the “lands of the Bible.”

Bible & Archaeology is a popular online website and resource offering visitors an array of news, information, tools, and resources related to the study of the Bible and archaeology. These include original articles, breaking news, videos, interviews, and online courses taught by professional scholars, as well as study tours, lexicons, maps, puzzles, games, and trivia.

Our Mission

The MISSION of Bible & Archaeology is to bring news and information about the lands of the Bible, its archaeology, and the study of the Bible to our readers in a manner that is timely, relevant, and easy to understand. We are an educational institution with no partisan or nationalist political agenda; we inform our readers about the discoveries, issues, and tools available to them regarding the study of the Bible and archaeology. We promote the study of the ancient civilizations associated with these regions, including their history, peoples, cultures, religion, and literature, and we seek to do so in an entertaining and educational manner.

Our Vision

The VISION of Bible & Archaeology is to educate our readers about issues pertaining to the Bible, biblical archaeology, ancient civilizations, religious plurality, and the common origins of all humankind. Through education and a mutual respect for each other’s histories, heritages, and aspirations, together we can discover how a knowledge of the past leads to an enlightened, more prosperous, and more peaceful future.


Editor-in-Chief: Robert R. Cargill, Ph.D.
Managing Editor: Jordan Jones
Sr. Video Editor: Carter Benson
Associate Editor: Ed Keogh


Editorial Advisory Board

The following individuals constitute Bible & Archaeology's Editorial Advisory Board. The content and opinions expressed on Bible & Archaeology do not necessarily reflect the views of any member of the advisory board, nor the board as a whole.


Eric Cline (George Washington University)
Mark Goodacre (Duke University)
Boaz Gross (Israeli Institute of Archaeology)
Mark Leuchter (Temple University)
Oded Lipschits (Tel Aviv University)
Candida Moss (University of Birmingham)
Eva Mroczek (U.C. Davis)
Roger Nam (Emory University)
William M. Schniedewind (UCLA)
Cynthia Shafer-Elliott (William Jessup University)
Matthew J. Suriano (University of Maryland)
Joe Uziel (Israel Antiquities Authority)
Jacquelyn Vayntrub (Yale Divinity School)



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