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JUNE 2023

Pompeii DNA

Entire DNA of Pompeii Victim 2,000 Years Ago Sequenced by Scientists

Greek Reporter Tasos Kokkinidis, June 20, 2023

Rome Photo

Friends, Tourists, Countrymen, See Where Julius Caesar Was Killed

The New York Times — Elisabetta Povoledo, June 20, 2023

Iraq Tablet Returned

Iraq: displays 2,800-year-old stone tablet returned by Italy

BBCCharlene Anne Rodrigues, June 19, 2023

Medusa Phalera

Silver phalera depicting Medusa among new finds at Roman Vindolanda

Heritage Daily — Markus Milligan, June 16, 2023

Hadrian Bathhouse

Last chance to see Birdoswald Hadrian's Wall Roman bathhouse

BBC — Duncan Leatherdale, June 16, 2023

Egypt Looted Artifacts

Egypt recovers two looted artifacts from France

Egypt Independent — June 14, 2023


Rare Roman mausoleum unearthed in London

BBC — Jacob Evans, June 13, 2023

Roman Doctor Tools

Scalpel, Forceps, Bone Drill: Modern Medicine in Ancient Rome

The New York TimesFranz Lidz, June 13, 2023

Headless Statues

Where Are Their Heads? Hordes of Ancient Statues Pose That Puzzle

The New York Times — Graham Bowley, June 12, 2023

Eagle pin

Golden eagle pin found in Bronze Age burial

Heritage Daily — Markus Milligan, June 12, 2023


Three historical shipwrecks uncovered in the Mediterranean

CNN Ashley Strickland, June 8, 2023


Who Invented Idolatry?

ANE Today Daniel Barbu, June, 2023

Greek city

Ancient Town Unearthed in Northern Greece

Greek Reporter Anna Wichmann, June 7, 2023

Bird Mural

Put a Bird on It? Ancient Egypt Was Way Ahead of Us.

The New York Times Franz Lidz, June 6, 2023


Ancient Human Relatives Buried Their Dead in Caves, New Theory Claims

The New York Times — Carl Zimmer, June 5, 2023

Plauge DNA

4,000-Year-Old DNA Is the Oldest Evidence of Plague in Britain

SmithsonianWill Sullivan, June 1, 2023

MAY 2023


Baths of the Roman and Byzantine Southern Levant: Roman Ideas and Local Interpretations

ANE Today Arleta Kowalewska and Craig A. Harvey, May, 2023

Pilate Ring

One Pilate Ring to Confuse Them All

Haaretz Viktoria Greenboim Rich, May 31, 2023

Iron Age House

Archaeologists discovered the earliest Iron Age house in Athens and Attica

ArkeonewsOğuz Büyükyıldırım, May 26, 2023

Italian Artifacts

Thousands of stolen artifacts recovered by Italian police

CNN Barbie Latza Nadeau and Amarachi Orie, May 25, 2023

IAA Shelfs

Why Israel's Archaeologists Want to Stop Digging

Haaretz Nir Hasson, May 24, 2023

Acropolis museum

Hundreds of Looted Antiquities Returning to Greece

Greek Reporter — Tasos Kokkinidis, May 20, 2023

Elgin Marbles

How Will the Greek Election Affect the Parthenon Marbles?

The New York Times Alex Marshall, May 19, 2023

Dig Alderney

Alderney dig uncovers masses of Roman pottery

BBC Alex Green, May 18, 2023

Codex Sassoon

Oldest Nearly Complete Hebrew Bible Sells for $38.1 Million

The New York Times Jennifer Schuessler, May 17, 2023

Desert Monolith

Desert Monoliths Reveal World’s Oldest Architectural Plans

The New York Times Priyanka Runwal, May 17, 2023

Inscription Ledger

2,000-year-old ledger found in City of David points to widespread 2nd Temple literacy

The Times of Israel Amanda Borschel-Dan, May 17, 2023

Amber Beads

Bronze Age long-distance connections: Baltic amber in Aššur — Oliver Dietrich, Landesmuseum für Vorgeschichte, May 16, 2023

Hag. Panel

Hagia Sophia's Zoe Panel as Byzantium’s Evolving Historical Record

Art & Object — Natasha H. Arora, May 16, 2023

Severed Hands

In Ancient Egypt, Severed Hands Were Spoils of War

The New York Times — Franz Lidz, May 16, 2023


Copper artefacts reveal changing connections in prehistoric Europe

Heritage Daily Markus Milligan, May 16, 2023

Roman Purse Found

Archaeologists analyse remains of Roman purse found in Merida

Heritage Daily Markus Milligan May 12, 2023

Mosul Museum

Mosul Museum reveals new look after IS destruction

BBC — Yolande Knell, May 11, 2023

Roman Fort

Late Roman watchtower discovered on Swiss border

Heritage Daily Markus Milligan, May 10, 2023

Met Hiring

After Seizures, the Met Sets a Plan to Scour Collections for Looted Art

The New York Times Robin Pogrebin and Graham Bowley, May 9, 2023

Aphrodite Petra

Workshop explains Aphrodite statues found in Petra

The Jordan Times — Saeb Rawashdeh, May 8, 2023

Underwater Road

Archaeologists discover submerged road from the Neolithic period

Heritage Daily Markus Milligan, May 8, 2023

Persian Soldier Relief

The Art World Redefines Ownership

The New York Times — Farah Nayeri, May 5, 2023

Roman Ship

A Sea of Law: The Romans and Their Maritime World

ANE Today — Emilia Mataix Ferrándiz, May, 2023

AI Translation

Israeli experts create AI to translate ancient cuneiform text - study

The Jerusalem Post Judy Siegel-Itzkovich, May 3, 2023

Hoover Fakes

How Did Fake Antiquities End Up at a Presidential Library?

Hyperallergic — Erin Daly, May 2, 2023


Ancient Israel and the Origin of Roman Glass

Haaretz Ruth SchusterMay 2, 2023


Archaeologists Unearth Buddha Statue in Ancient Egyptian Port City

Smithsonian Magazine — Christopher Parker, May 1, 2023

Bathhouse Bling

Ancient Romans Dropped Their Bling Down the Drain, Too

The New York Times —  Franz Lidz, May 1, 2023


The Astragali of Abel Beth Maacah — Dr. Matthew Susnow, May, 2023

Rome Sacred Places

Rome, Sacred Ground for Nearly 3,000 Years, and Counting

The New York Times David LaskinMay 1, 2023

Roman Pipe

Highway Construction in Crete Reveals Ancient Pipelines

Greek Reporter — Alexander Gale, May 1, 2023

APRIL 2023

Indus Drought

Periods of prolonged droughts caused downfall of Indus megacities

Heritage Daily — Markus Milligan, April 30, 2023

medical tools

Medical equipment found in Roman burial

Heritage Daily — Markus Milligan, April 26, 2023


Buddha statue unearthed at temple in Egypt's Red Sea region

Ahram Online — Nevine El-Aref, April 26, 2023


Prolonged droughts likely spelled the end for Indus megacities — University of Cambridge, April 26, 2023

France Restitution Policy

France's long-awaited restitution policy is finally here

The Art Newspaper Vincent Noce, April 26, 2023

Sewing Needle

When Did Clothing Originate?

Smithsonian Magazine — Ian Gilligan, April 25, 2023

Crete Museum

Crete Showcases Rich Ancient History in Three New Museums

Greek Reporter — Tasos Kokkinidis, April 25, 2023

Fisherman Mosaic

The Ancient Greek Fisherman and His Astonishing Villa Mosaics

Greek Reporter — Tasos Kokkinidis, April 24, 2023

Ramses II

Egypt archaeologists refute Ramses II-Exodus connection

Al-Monitor — Salwa Samir, April 23, 2023

Lead 1

Layout of ancient Greek papyri through lead-drawn ruling lines revealed by Macro X-Ray Fluorescence Imaging

Scientific Reports Romano, F.P., Puglia, E., Caliri, C. et al., April 21, 2023

Coffin Tomography

Neutron tomography of sealed copper alloy animal coffins from ancient Egypt

Scientific Reports O’Flynn, D., Fedrigo, A., Perucchetti, L. et al., April 20, 2023

Temple Skull

Decapitated and dismembered bodies found at Maya pyramid

Heritage Daily — Markus Milligan, April 20, 2023


Why the myth of Atlantis just won’t die

National GeographicErin Blakemore, April 20, 2023


The Myth of the Twelve Tribes of Israel

ANE Today — Andrew Tobolowsky, April 2023

Romany Cemetary

Archaeologists discover Roman sanctuary and cemetery in Belgium

Heritage Daily — Markus Milligan, April 19, 2023

Greek Items

Antiquities Smugglers Arrested on Greek Island of Crete

Greek ReporterAlexander Gale, April 19, 2023

Abduction of Persephone

Greece Partially Opens the Amphipolis Tomb

Greek Reporter — Tasos Kokkinidis, April 19, 2023


The Kylix Marvel: Why Experts Distrust the Story of an Ancient Cup’s Rebirth

The New York Times — Graham Bowley and Tom Mashberg, April 19, 2023


Stunning New Discoveries at Ancient Greek City of Paestum in Italy

Greek Reporter Tasos Kokkinidis, April 19, 2023

Forum Bust

Antiquities, plucked from storeroom, on Roman Forum display

AP News — Frances D'Emilio, April 18, 2023


Bust depicting Greek god of wine making found in Cockermouth, England

Heritgae DailyMarkus Milligan, April 18, 2023

Punched Monet

How to be an Ethical Tourist in Archeological Sites and Museums

Art & Object — Danielle Vander Horst, April 18, 2023


Roman gateway rebuilt in ‘exact spot’ at site of invasion of Britain

The Guardian — Harriet Sherwood, April 18, 2023

Painting Fragments

Fragments of large wall painting found in Cartagena’s Roman theatre

Heritage DailyMarkus Milligan, April 17, 2023

Iraq sandstorms

Iraq's ancient treasures sand-blasted by climate change — Asaad Niazi & Guillaume Decamme, April 16, 2023

Muhammad display

Museum Will Stop Obscuring Images of Prophet Muhammad From Online Tour

The New York Times Zachary Small, April 14, 2023

Mithras Statue

A sanctuary for Cult God Mithras discovered in Germany

Arkeonews Leman Altuntaş, April 13, 2023

Cotswold item

Start of major A417 scheme 'like Christmas Eve'

BBC — Jasmine Ketibuah-Foley and Steve Knibbs, April 14, 2023

Saqqara Tomb

High status tomb discovered in Saqqara necropolis

Heritage Daily Markus Milligan, April 12, 2023

Rock Wall Painting

The Başbük Rock Wall Panel: Serving Empire, Honoring Syro-Anatolian Gods

ANE Today Mehmet Önal , Celal Uludağ, Yusuf Koyuncu and Selim Ferruh Adalı, April, 2023

Roman Residential area

Roman residential town found close to Luxor Temple

Ancient Egypt Magazine — April 12, 2023

Bone Leather Punch

Bone fragment reveals humans wore leather clothes 39,000 years ago

New Scientist Alison George, April 12, 2023


Hoard of Roman silver coins bought by council

BBC — Inaya Mohmood, April 12, 2023


New Excavations at Rome’s Colosseum

Art & Object — Christopher Siwicki, April 11, 2023


The mysterious symbols found carved in Qatar’s desert

CNN Dimitris Sideridis, April 10, 2023


Scientists reconstruct 35,000 year old face - study

The Jerusalem Post— April 10, 2023

Roman Mosaic Underwater

Mosaic discovered in ruins of submerged Roman town

Heritage DailyMarkus Milligan, April 10, 2023

Settlements Newquay

Bronze Age and Roman-era settlements unearthed in Newquay

Arkeonews Leman Altuntaş, April 10, 2023


Ancient Europeans Took Hallucinogenic Drugs 3,000 Years Ago

Smithsonian Magazine — Sarah Kuta, April 10, 2023

Roman Foot

Fragment of giant Roman statue uncovered in Chersonesos

Heritage Daily — Markus Milligan, April 9, 2023


How Many Plagues Were There in Egypt? Surprise!

Haaretz — Elon Gilad, April 9, 2023

Burial Complex

Burial complex unearthed at Dra Abu el-Naga necropolis

Ancient Egypt Magazine — April 8, 2023

Jesus Fresco

Archaeologists uncover ornate Christian frescos in Old Dongola

Heritage DailyMarkus Milligan, April 7, 2023


A new hazard scenario at Vesuvius: deadly thermal impact of detached ash cloud surges in 79CE at Herculaneum

Scientific Reports — Pensa, A., Giordano, G., Corrado, S. et al., April 6, 2023


Direct evidence of the use of multiple drugs in Bronze Age Menorca (Western Mediterranean) from human hair analysis

Scientific Reports  — Guerra-Doce, E., Rihuete-Herrada, C., Micó, R. et al., April 6, 2023

Seder Plate

Why You Shouldn’t Break Lamb Bones During Passover

The Times of Israel — Roger D. Isaacs, April 4, 2023

Neolithic Axe wounds

Science Notes: recreating Neolithic violence

Current Archaeology — April 5, 2023

Mummy Tags

Mummies provide the key to reconstruct the climate of the ancient Mediterranean — Swiss National Science Foundation, April 4, 2023


Olmec Sculpture Will Return to Mexico

Archaeology MagazineApril 4, 2023

Roman Necropolis items

New discoveries from Roman site in North-Western France

Heritage Daily — Markus Milligan, April 4, 2023

Tiger Axe

4500-year-old tiger-patterned ritual weapon uncover in east China

ArkeonewsOğuz Büyükyıldırım, April 4, 2023


See Colorful Paintings of the Zodiac Signs From an Ancient Egyptian Temple

Smithsonian Magazine — Christopher Parker, April 4, 2023


2012 Inscription Reinterpreted for Easter: Canaanite or Sabaean?

The Times of IsraelAmanda Borschel-Dan, April 3, 2023

ISAC logo

The OI has changed its name to ISAC

University of Chicago — April 4, 2023

Turkey Statue

1,900-year-old statue discovered in Istanbul

Hürriyet Daily News — Fatma Aksu, April 3, 2023


Severed right hands reveal Trophy-Taking practices in Ancient Egypt

ArkeonewsOğuz Büyükyıldırım, April 2, 2023

MARCH 2023


First osteological evidence of severed hands in Ancient Egypt

Scientific Reports — Gresky, J., Bietak, M., Petiti, E. et al., March 31, 2023

Chinese Bamboo

2,000-year-old bamboo slips discovered in Yunnan

Arkeonews — Leman Altuntas, March 31, 2023


The Meaning of Ancient Greek and Roman Artisan Signatures

Hyperallergic — Sarah Bond, March 30, 2023


The Headless Statue of a ‘Roman Emperor’ Is Seized from the Met

The New York Times — Tom Mashberg and Graham Bowley, March 30, 2023

The Met

Prosecutors eye new seizures of old art at the Met

ICIJSpencer Woodman, March 30, 2023


Strange Ancient Burials Found in Southern Israel

Haaretz Viktoria Grinboim Rich, March 30, 2023


DNA Confirms Oral History of Swahili People

The New York TimesElie Dolgin, March 29, 2023

Angel of YHWY

The Angel of YHWH

The Torah.comDan McClellan, March 29, 2023

Ashurbanipal Prism

“The Egyptian,” King of Moab

ANE Today — Mattias Karlsson, March 2023

Praetorian Guard

The fall of the Praetorian Guard

Heritage Daily — Markus Milligan, March 27, 2023

Silver Fragment

Roman silver fragment found in Diss baffles experts

BBC — Katy Prickett, March 25, 2023

Grave Genome

Genome-wide analysis of a collective grave provides insight into the population structure of early neolithic population

Nature — Guarino-Vignon, P., Lefeuvre, M., Chimènes, A. et al., March 25, 2023

Ram heads

Ancient Egypt’s Ramses II temple reveals animal mummy menagerie

Ahram Online — Nevine El-Aref, March 25, 2023

Dead Nails

In a Roman Tomb, ‘Dead Nails’ Reveal an Occult Practice

The New York Times — Franz Lidz, March 25, 2023

Parthenon Marbles Greece

Vatican returns Parthenon sculptures to Greece

BBC — Antoinette Radford, March 25, 2023

Vatican Parthenon Fragments

Pope Francis returns three fragments of Parthenon to Greece

The GuardianHelena Smith, March 25, 2023

bone tools

Tools for bleeding cows uncovered in 7,000-year-old cemetery

Heritage Daily — Markus Milligan, March 23, 2023


Statuette of Venus uncovered in Roman rubbish dump

Heritage Daily — Markus Milligan, March 22, 2023

Perge Theater Head

D.A. Bragg Returns 12 Antiquities to the Republic of Türkiye

Manhattan District Attorney's Office— March 22, 2023

Pomp mosaic

Abandoned mosaic flooring found at Roman Pompeii

Heritage Daily — Markus Milligan, March 21, 2023


Prehistoric “Engravings Room” Rediscovered in Spain

Archaeology Magazine — March 21, 2023


D.A. Bragg Returns 29 Antiquities to Greece

Manhattan District Attorney's Office — March 21, 2023


Yodfat, the Jewish Town Attacked by 60,000 Roman Soldiers

Haaretz Ruth Schuster, March 21, 2023


Obsidian Cliff: Humanity’s Tool Shed for the Last 11,500 Years

The New York Times — Jim Robbins, March 20, 2023


Scientists reveal new discovery inside the Pyramid of Khufu

Arkeonews — oguz kayra, March 20, 2023


‘The stuff was illegally dug up’: New York’s Met Museum sees reputation erode over collection practices

The Guardian Spencer Woodman, Malia Politzer, Delphine Reuter and Namrata Sharma, March 20, 2023

Roman Complex

Monumental Roman complex discovered in France

Arkeonews — Leman Altuntaş, March 19, 2023

Headless grave

Headless skeletons uncovered in Neolithic mass grave

World Archaeology — March 17, 2023


Chance cross-cultural unicorn concepts lost in translation — Justin Jackson, March 16, 2023


Excavations reveal copper deposits that made Cyprus one of the most important Late Bronze Age trade hubs — Jessica Oscarsson, University of Gothenburg, March 16, 2023

Rock Image Egypt

Using rock images to study cult of the gods in pre-Egyptian society — University of Bonn, March 15, 2023

Roman Burials

A 1,600-Year-Old Coffin May Shed Light on Roman Britain

The New York Times — Jenny Gross, March 15, 2023

Megiddo Surgery

Biblical city yields unusual case of 3,500-year-old head surgery

The Washington Post — Mark Johnson, March 14, 2023


Bronze swords from Mycenaean civilisation found in Greek Tomb

Heritage Daily — Markus Milligan, March 14, 2023


At Long Last, a Donkey Family Tree

The New York Times — Franz Lidz, March 14, 2023

Hoogwoud Hord

1,000-Year-Old Gold Earrings and Silver Coins Unearthed in the Netherlands

Smithsonian Magazine — Sarah Kuta, March 14, 2023


When Did Hominins Begin to Produce Tools?

Archaeology Magazine — March 13, 2023

Aslantepe Sword

The World’s oldest and first swords ever discovered

ArkeonewsLeman Altuntaş, March 11, 2023

Sphinx Trampling Youth

U.S. Repatriates Looted Artifact to Iraq

Archeology Magazine — March 10, 2023

Stolen Art Returned

Stolen Art Returned to Iraq

FBI — March 9, 2023

Roman Amp.

Roman amphitheatre discovered at ancient Ategua

Heritage Daily — Markus Milligan, March 10, 2023


Symposium—Chroma: Ancient Sculpture in Color

The MET — Upcoming Event: March 24 & 25


Evidence of Romano-Celtic temple found in northern Britain

Heritage Daily —Markus Milligan, March 8, 2023


The Emergence of Edom: Recent Debate

ANE Today — Piotr Bienkowski, March 2023

Gizah Pyramids

Discovery frenzy could draw more tourists to Egypt

Axios — Ivana Saric, March 7, 2023

Parthenon Marbles

Vatican, Greece ink deal for ‘donation’ of Parthenon marbles

AP — Nicole Winfield and Derek Gatopoulos, March 7


Roman era sphinx uncovered at Dendera Temple Complex

Heritage Daily — Markus Milligan, March 6, 2023

Horse Rider

Archaeologists Identify the Earliest Horse Riders

Haaretz — Ruth Schuster, March 4, 2023

Pompeii Excavations

New Excavation at Pompeii Underway

Archaeology Magazine — March 2, 2023

Heaning Wood Bone Cave

Cave in Cumbria used for centuries of burials

Current Archaeology — March 2, 2023

Ancient DNA Skulls

Ancient DNA Reveals History of Hunter-Gatherers in Europe

The New York Times — Carl Zimmer, March 1, 2023

Tombs Qubbet el-Hawa

Winter Light

Archaeology Magazine — Daniel Weiss, March/April 2023

New Moai

New Moai statue discovered on Easter Island

Arkeonews — Leman Altuntas, March 1, 2023