Thursday, January 13, 2022
Bible & Archaeology (University of Iowa)

The name Joshua is derived from the Hebrew name יהושׁוע (Yehoshua), which itself is a theophoric name (a name containing the name of a deity) combining יה (Yah) or יהו (Yeho), the first part of the name of the Hebrew God, Yahweh, and the causative form of the verb ישׁע (yashaʿ), meaning "to help, save." The result is a name meaning "Yahweh is help," or "Yahweh saves." There are several variations on the name יהושׁוע (Yehoshua) in Hebrew, including יהושׁע (Yehoshua), יושׁוע (Yoshua, whence we get Joshua), and ישׁוע (Yeshua), which became Hellenized as the name Jesus.