Woman with wax tablets and stylus (so-called "Sappho")

You can submit an article to Bible & Archaeology and the editorial team will consider it for publication on the Bible & Archaeology website!

You may also submit ideas for trivia questions, ancient names (Hello, My Name Is...), foreign words (It's Greek to Me, Latin Lovers, Right-to-Left Words), or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), for which you will receive credit as author.

Using the form below, submit your typed document and indicate what kind of submission you are making. Articles should be geared toward popular readers with a general interest in the topic, unless you want us to consider an article for the 'Specialist Studies' section, which are more technical.

If your manuscript is selected for publication, we will notify you and begin the editing process. Alternatively, you may send your article, idea, or abstract to the Bible & Archaeology Editor, Robert Cargill, at robert-cargill@uiowa.edu.

In addition to being published, those who publish articles with Bible & Archaeology receive an honorarium of $200 for their efforts.

Thank you again for considering publishing with Bible & Archaeology.

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