The "Great Royal Visit" to Megiddo

Partnering Up – Developing Trends in Foreign Archaeological Activity in Israel

The archaeology of Israel started, as in many places in what was called the ancient "near east," as a foreign, even colonialist, enterprise. But things have changed. This is where they are headed.
isis of eye

FAQ: Did Jesus Really Mean to Tear Your Eye Out?

Icons of Peter and Paul

FAQ: How Did Peter and Paul Die?

Sermon and Deeds of the Antichrist painting by Signorelli

FAQ: What is the Antichrist and is it in the Bible?

Orthodox Jesus Egg

FAQ: What Does an Egg-hiding Rabbit Have To Do with Jesus's Resurrection?

full moon

FAQ: Why Don't All Christians Observe Easter at the Same Time?

bracket background

MARCH MADNESS FAQ: Which Pre-exilic Monarch of Israel/Judah Is the Greatest?

Fall and Expulsion from Garden of Eden by Michelangelo

FAQ: Why Did God Choose a Chubby Baby Angel to Guard Eden?

The Disciples Running painting by Burnand

FAQ: Which Apostle Was the Best Athlete?

A short discussion about the Beloved Disciple, his rivalry with the Apostle Peter, and his underappreciated athletic ability.